Is your child ready for the 11+ exams?

Make Sure Your Child Aces Their 11+ Exams With Boost Education's 11+ Crash Course

Make sure your child walks into the exam room brimming with confidence and ready to pass with flying colours.

The 11+ exams are taken by Year 6 pupils in primary schools across England. The exams are a way to qualify learners who are academically suited to attend a grammar or selective school for Year 7 onwards. Scotland and Wales do not hold 11+ exams and Northern Ireland candidates take a separate exam called the Northern Ireland Transfer Test.  

The Boost Education 11+ Crash Course was designed to enhance each child’s learning and comprehension of the subjects covered in the exams. The upcoming exams include the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) and Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE) Exam Boards, meaning students can expect a different structure, timing rules and complexity to that of the GL Exams held prior to the inception of the CEM and CSSE.

What Does the 11+ Crash Course Cover?

CEM exams cover verbal, non-verbal, numerical reasoning and comprehension. There are two individual CEM exams with both covering English and verbal reasoning and Math and non-verbal reasoning.  

CSSE exams are sat only for selected schools in the Essex area and consists of only a Math and an English paper. CSSE learners will sit through exams at the preferred centre chosen by parents. CSSE English papers are 60 minutes + 10 minutes reading time and the Math paper is 60 minutes in total. 

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Be Exam Ready And Confident On Test Day

Our 11+ crash course includes revision of every topic in Numerical Reasoning, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning with a lesson plan made available to parents upon registration. Group-based work and interactive activities for learners are designed to test their understanding of the various subjects.

Students will complete two mock tests to measure exam readiness and parents will receive a report on their child's progress. At Boost Education we aim to ensure that every student’s needs are catered for. We will be concentrating on specific areas of weakness as well as focusing intently on timing for each section of the papers.  

Timing will be of major importance as students will not be afforded the chance to review completed sections once time allotments have been reached. All work material will be provided by Boost Education and will follow a strict regimen that focuses on 11+ exam content with regular reviews to ensure come September, everyone who attended our 11+ course will pass with flying colours.  

Also, Boost Educaton students receive material and classes that prepare them well in advance of the 11+ exams throughout the year, the crash course serves to bolster their knowledge and focuses on exam readiness. 

Not A Current Boost Education Member? No Problem!

We’re making this year’s 11+ Crash Course available to the general public so non Boost Education members can increase their chances of success through our comprehensive one week crash course. 

  •  Delivered over 4 days (Monday to Friday)
  •  Covers individual areas of weakness
  •  Heavy focus on speed and timing
  •  Tailored for CEM and CSSE exam boards
  •  Intensive homework included
  •  Daily mock exams

£220 One Time Fee 

Course Information and Important Dates

Our Final 11+ Crash Course will commence on the 20th August 2018. Classes will run over 4 days from Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 3.30pm with a 30-minute lunch break.

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Final 11+ Crash Course Begins

11+ Official CEM Exam Date

11+ Official CSSE Exam Date