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Prithu - Boost Education Ilford Centre Manager


Ilford Centre Manager

Irfnah - Boost Education Stratford Centre Manager


Stratford Centre Manager

Jaspreet - Boost Education Southall Centre Manager


Southall Centre Manager

Nathusha - Boost Education Ealing Centre Manager


Ealing Centre Manager

Tuition Centre Ilford - Boost Education

Boost Ilford Centre

461B High Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 1TX

Our tuition centre in Ilford was the first tuition centre that was established in February in 2009. The growth of the tuition centre in Ilford has been the result of our efforts in bringing the community together by working on the skills of children. It is now a busy hub where students from all walks of life obtain the highest levels in academic achievement and develop greatly on their confidence.

Tuition Centre Stratford - Boost Education

Boost Stratford Centre

University of East London, Water Lane,
Stratford, London, E15 4LZ

Our tuition centre in Stratford is located in the newly refurbished University of East London Stratford campus. With state of the art facilities and open plan classrooms, you can be rest assured your child is being tutored in a truly remarkable educational environment!

Here’s What the Parents Have to Say…

  • Boost Education has undoubtedly helped my daughter to excel at school, and improved my son's results in a very short time period. The teaching quality is excellent and the atmosphere friendly and focussed. I would recommend Boost wholeheartedly as a great value for money education centre.

    Fiona Anthony Parent at Boost Education Ilford
  • I would strongly recommend parents to Join Boost. It's very child orientated and learning can be fun. My kids tutor is very friendly, patient and approachable and my kids are very comfortable with her. My younger son says he prefers going to Boost rather than School

    Nasima Rahman Parent at Boost Education Stratford
  • I was interested in enrolling my daughter to the maths GCSE programme since I felt she was capable of studying this at an earlier age. The tutors and the additional resources have really helped her. The rewards scheme has also motivated both my kids and I love the structure of the programme where they are assessed every month.

    Patricia Farmhouse Parent at Boost Education Stratford

Boost Ealing Centre

University of West London, St Mary’s Road,
Ealing, London, W5 5RF

Another newly developed campus with modern facilities to improve students’ learning, our tuition centre located inside the University of West London offers a second to none learning experience. With state of the art facilities and open plan classrooms, you can be rest assured your child is being tutored in a truly remarkable educational environment!

Tuition Centre Southall - Boost Education

Boost Southall Centre

Dominion Centre & Library, First Floor, 112 The Green, Southall, Middlesex, UB2 4BQ

Our tuition centre in Southall is located in the heart of this lively and diverse town and caters for children of all ages and abilities.

Here’s What Past and Present Students Have to Say…

  • I have been at the Boost centre in Ilford for nearly 3 years and I can honestly say it's just the best help you can get. You won't even get a quarter of the education that we get in an hour at school and this is why I would recommend Boost Education to everyone out there!

    Ketan Ladva
  • I came to Boost Education for just over a year and I must say it helped so much! I achieved an A in my GCSE which was definitely not what I was predicted before I started coming to Boost. I would recommend Boost Education to everyone.

    Amal Ali
  • When I came to Boost, not even going to lie I was rubbish at Maths and would have been glad to get a C. However, after a few lessons, I really started to get the topics and ended up getting an A! 😀 I was so happy!

  • Boost is great! I learn lots and have fun. Miss explains the topic and how to do the it and I understand

    Nirbhay Bist
  • I've been attending Boost Education nearly 4 years and it has helped me so much! I wouldn't be getting my results without the huge help from Boost!

    Safiyah Ahmad
  • Ever since coming to Boost Education, I have been able to achieve the best due to the tutor's support and help 🙂 Many thanks to all of the teachers here for helping me push up my grades in English Language and Literature but also pushing me forward as an individual. Once again, thanks to all of the tutor's at Boost Education!

    Jas Hayer

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