The Boost Pupil Premium Programme

Helping UK’s schools close the attainment gap


Our mission is to reach out to young developing minds and help them attain their academic best. To this end, Boost Education is engaging schools across the country to bring teachers, learners and tutors together in a unique and groundbreaking way.

The Boost Education Pupil Premium programme brings our experienced and highly qualified tutors together with schools and their individual departments where we’ll work with you to ensure every child has the best chance of academic success and beyond.

Who should sign up for the Boost Education

Pupil Premium Programme?

The Pupil Premium is a government initiative that aims to close the attainment gap between children of various backgrounds. The initiative focuses on providing schools with funding to aid children who may be experiencing difficulty in getting the academic, economic and auxiliary support he or she needs.

Our goal is to help schools in their endeavour to close the attainment gap and give every child the opportunity to learn and grow with minimal impedance. The Boost Education Pupil Premium programme is specifically developed to do that with a support system for educators, students and parents.

Our Programme Offers:

  • In-depth consultations and student needs analysis
  • Tailored programmes based on student assessments
  • Personalised learning material and homework
  • Support for Y1 through to Y11 in all major subjects and exams
  • Ability based grouping with 5 students per tutor

Our tutors are experienced educators with extensive qualifications and exposure to teaching children of all ages. Boost tutors are Enhanced DBS checked and meet our standard of professionalism we demand from each of our educators.

We will arrange a consultation with your school to work with teachers to identify student requirements, map out schemes of work to follow and identify target areas that require specific attention.


Here’s What the Parents Have to Say…

  • Boost Education has undoubtedly helped my daughter to excel at school, and improved my son's results in a very short time period. The teaching quality is excellent and the atmosphere friendly and focussed. I would recommend Boost wholeheartedly as a great value for money education centre.

    Fiona Anthony Parent at Boost Education Ilford
  • I would strongly recommend parents to Join Boost. It's very child orientated and learning can be fun. My kids tutor is very friendly, patient and approachable and my kids are very comfortable with her. My younger son says he prefers going to Boost rather than School

    Nasima Rahman Parent at Boost Education Stratford
  • I was interested in enrolling my daughter to the maths GCSE programme since I felt she was capable of studying this at an earlier age. The tutors and the additional resources have really helped her. The rewards scheme has also motivated both my kids and I love the structure of the programme where they are assessed every month.

    Patricia Farmhouse Parent at Boost Education Stratford

How it works

  • We send our tutors to your school for an assessment of student’s needs
  • We group students by ability with 5 students per tutor
  • Our classes allow a minimum of 25 children per 2 hour booking
  • We also accommodate 50 children split into 25 for the first hour and 25 in the second
  • The programme supports lower, mixed and higher ability student groups
  •  Aligned with the new National Curriculum and your pupils’ current schemes of work and targets
  • provide you with evidence of the effectiveness of your Pupil Premium spend
  • Include detailed analyses of your pupils’ progress so you can see how their learning is developing

Programme structure

  • Charging Plan: 6 week support programme
  • Charged Up Plan: Full term support programme
  • Supercharged Plan: Half year support programme
  • Turbo Charged Plan: Full year support programme

We offer discounted rates for bigger packages and higher student enrollment numbers. Feel free to discuss the rates your school may qualify for when enquiring. Schools are allowed to substitute students throughout the course of the academic year. (Applicable to half and full year packages.)

Boost Education is the trusted name in educational support

Our tutors are all Enhanced DBS checked and are specialists in their subject areas. Boost Education has been supporting students from Y1 – Y11 since 2009 and we are proud to say that we’ve helped more than 4000 students turn their formative schooling into an opportunity for lifelong achievement.
With over 95000 lessons delivered, our programmes are proven to work for the betterment of learners from all walks of life. From high performers who need specialised auxiliary support to children who need a hand in coming to grips with the basics, we work according to the needs of every child with no learner left behind.

Certified Tuition Centre - Boost Education

Ready to Join Our Pupil Premium Programme?

We have limited availability for this academic year. Book your school’s assessment today and one of our senior tutors will be in touch.

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