Is online tuition a better option for my child?

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The rise in online learning has made education available to students from all walks of life. People young and old now enjoy access to all kinds of digital classrooms that can help to further careers, teach folks new languages, support struggling varsity students and much more. And while few would argue against making education more readily available, online teaching does come with some considerations for parents exploring it as an alternative to class-based tuition. 

The importance of social interaction for young learners

Social interaction is central to helping children develop both cognitively and emotionally. The stimuli from playing and interacting with friends and adults provide children with opportunities to learn in an organic way. This especially applies to areas of learning such as acquiring a first or second language, learning how to apply logic across different contexts and mastering the natural sciences. Teaching subjects like these require great care to ensure students grasp the concepts that come with each.

In the case where a student requires extra attention, an online tuition service may not be able to provide the personalised attention needed to help master it. Further, lack of focus is often behind problems with school work which can be difficult to manage in a video-chat learning scenario. 

Tutors may not be able to see what occurs off camera during lessons, thus giving them less control over the environment. There is also a measure of isolation that comes with online tuition. Students are required to sit in a quiet room and go through lessons alone as parents and siblings around them go about their activities. Parents will also have to ensure that all technical requirements are met for a smooth teaching experience for both their child and the tutor which can come at a cost.

In contrast to this, after school tuition classes offer a communal space away from school where students can confidently tackle problem areas with the support of attentive tutors and fellow classmates. Further, supportive learning may already be lacking in school, or at home, making online tuition less favourable for a child in need of more attentive and all-round engagement.

Building confidence and social skills

A Cambridge University study on peer interaction and classroom learning found that, “Social interaction and collaborative activity among children in class can provide valuable,

complementary and distinctive opportunities for learning and conceptual development.” Socialising while learning allows children to exercise their confidence muscles as they learn to orient and assert themselves amongst their peers. 

These are all important aspects of a child’s schooling years that online tuition classes simply cannot offer young children. However, this doesn’t mean that online learning as a whole doesn’t meet the needs of older students who have progressed beyond the early stages of their school years. Online tuition or learning classes are ideal for any of the following scenarios:

  • High school or varsity students in need of extra tuition
  • Professionals looking to attain an industry-related qualification
  • Working students who cannot make the commute to class each day
  • People who are pursuing other goals or who have very busy lives

Give your child’s education a personal touch with Boost Education

In a world of apps and countless other forms of entertainment, human based social interactions are on the decrease in lieu of avatars and social media connections. Opting to have your child engage with his or her peers in a highly personalised group environment gives them the space they need to learn and grow the way people do best. At Boost Education, we make sure that every child feels welcome, safe and supported. 

Our centres are designed to make learning fun and intimate as we break down the barriers making education fun and rewarding. Come see for yourself. Parents and students are invited to visit their nearest centre for a chat on how we can help your child attain his or her level best.

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