Our Curriculum

A learning approach that's designed for success.

Maths Tuition

The importance Mathematics across an array of disciplines is undeniable. That’s why Boost Education places such a big focus on helping students master it. If your child is struggling to keep up with basic mathematical concepts, or is a star student in need of extra support, then talk to us about how we can help.

We provide learner centric tuition services for primary school students with a focus on independent thinking and discovery. This helps students explore the world of equations, ratios and multiples confidently and without fear of ridicule.

English Tuition

A fluent command of the English language is an invaluable skill in the modern world. We encourage our students to put their verbal and non-verbal skills to the test through creative writing and other tasks that are engaging, fun and educational.

Spelling bees and mock exams help to identify any areas students need to brush up on and tutors avail themselves for any one on one attention that may be required. We take care to guide and support students as they learn to express themselves through the medium of language.


Science Tuition

Our Science programme caters for learners at all levels while allowing star students to explore the subject with the support of an attentive tutor. Children are grouped according to their abilities to give everyone the best chance at success.

Our tutors are veritable science boffins which means your child is in good hands at our centres. Boost Education places an equal focus on both practice and theory to give students a full appreciation of this vibrant and exciting subject.

11+ Tuition

Pupils who approach the end of Year 6 schooling must prepare themselves for what is known as the 11+ exams. These exams are a way to qualify learners who are academically suited to attend a grammar school or selective school for Year 7 onwards. The exams are called 11+ because they refer to the age that a child will be in the year that they enter grammar school.

Also known as the “Transfer Test” in certain regions, the 11+ has different iterations across the United Kingdom. In Northern Ireland, for example, candidates take a separate exam known as the Northern Ireland Transfer Test.

Our Process

At Boost Education we have developed a tried and tested process to ensure your child gets the most efficient learning experience that delivers the results they need.

1. Initial Assessment

2. Get Started

3. Expert Tutors

4. Weekly Homework

5. Mock Examination

7. One on One Review

8. Parent Feedback