The Boost Education Story

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The Boost Education Story

Boost Education’s development was given impetus when, as a public school teacher, I realised that a serious requirement existed for supplementary tutorship to public school students. As a mathematics teacher, ensuring that students grasped complex concepts and theories was a very real concern for me. With this in mind I decided to re-engineer my busy school teacher’s schedule to provide extracurricular lessons to those most in need of it. 

After a few short months, and a growing demand for my services, I decided that the only way I could help more young minds navigate an often bureaucratic education system was by starting a full-time tuition service. This was to be the beginning of a long, challenging, yet supremely rewarding journey for me. 

After operating as a one-man extracurricular math tutor for some time, I was ready to embark on the road to creating a community-centered learning institution with a sole objective: to educate and empower our youth through engaging and individualised tuition services.

It was time to find like-minded educators…

Maintaining the required level of individualised tuition, while growing a business, was a key challenge to making Boost Education a success. I knew that it required educators who were willing to make long term commitments to providing learners with the support they needed to discover their academic potential. 

Making a lasting impact on the lives of our students also meant presenting learning material in a way that drew students in and got them excited about education. This also meant being the kind of teacher who is willing to make a personal investment in the well-being of each and every valued student.

Achieving this level of involvement meant finding teachers who shared a passion for helping young minds develop beyond an academic context. It also meant finding people who were invested in helping learners become more balanced and responsible individuals. Fortuitously, I was to discover that I wasn’t alone in my mission. 

In a relatively short space of time, I was able to recruit some of the most committed educators that would make up the Boost Education complement of tutors. Today, that team consists of some of the most talented, driven and creative educators I have had the pleasure to work with – and we’re growing at a steady pace!

Our first centre soon became one of many…

Opened in Ilford in 2009, our first centre saw a steady stream of students make their way through our doors. By quickly building a reputation for providing quality, individualised tuition, we realised the need to expand our services to the larger community. However, while the response from parents and students was overwhelming, I knew that to continue to provide results-driven education, teaching had to remain personalised. 

This is why Boost Education offers classes of no more than four students per teacher, with each student placed in a class according to their individual attainment and performance levels. Our aim isn’t to fill classes in order to make the numbers; the Boost way is to give every learner access to what he or she needs to develop and unfold their true potential.

llford was soon followed by centres in Stratford, Ealing and Southall to cater to an overwhelming demand for supplementary tuition. And we’re continuing to grow, thanks to the support from the communities we serve, an outstanding faculty, and a shared mission to nurture and invest in the United Kingdom’s most valuable resource: its youth.

Our mission: to serve our communities by supporting our youth

Boost Education, it’s leadership, faculty and employees are committed to making education a rewarding and empowering experience for all our students. We do this by ensuring learners have the time, resources and support they need to learn in their own unique way and are supported on every step of their journey. 

Each centre has a dedicated manager who oversees the daily running thereof and are primarily concerned with ensuring our students and parents receive the personalised services they deserve. This commitment extends to making tuition available to students from all walks of life. Our fees are structured to accommodate all income level families and we’re committed to keeping it this way. 

We offer sibling discounts, free monthly mock examinations, additional referral discounts and many more value-added services – at no additional cost to parents. This is in line with our vision to make individualised education accessible to one and all. And we’re proud to tell you that a large number of new students are typically referred to Boost Education by happy parents who see results in their kids’ academic performance. 

Our tutors range from qualified teachers, seasoned professionals, to high-achieving academics who share a passion for education. Each of our employees is thoroughly vetted and tested for suitability as a member of the Boost family, with no effort spared to help them become even better educators. As a results-driven tutorship organisation, Boost Education invests only in faculty with superb academic records, impeccable career histories and specialised knowledge in their areas of expertise. 

Our organisation is also Ofsted registered, which means you can expect only the best learning environment for your children. In addition, as an Ofsted registered institution, parents may also use approved vouchers and tax credits to reduce their monthly tuition fees by up to 70%. Moreover, Boost Education prides itself on involving both parents and schools in the ongoing development of its learners by continually monitoring and reporting on the progress of each and every student who entrusts us with their academic future.

To all parents, teachers and students who have played a part in making Boost Education one of the most respected names in learner development, a heartfelt thank you from me, Amandeep Gill, or better known as Mr. Gill by many. Our vision is to make Boost the trusted name in education and extend our network of centres to reach every child in need of academic support. I am sincerely grateful for your support and pledge mine to the continued growth and success of all our valued learners.

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