Celebrating 15+ Years of Educational Impact

Celebrating 15+ Years of Educational Impact

Celebrating 15+ Years of Educational Impact

Celebrating 15+ Years of Educational Impact

Celebrating 15+ Years of Educational Impact

Celebrating 15+ Years of Educational Impact

Celebrating 15+ Years of Educational Impact

The Boost Mock Exams For Learners

Each month, Boost Education centres host mock examinations to track our student’s progress as they advance through the different stages of learning. While the intake of information is a crucial aspect to education, the true test lies in assessing students’ knowledge and comprehension. To this end, Boost Education places a large emphasis on testing the progress of all learners and use the outcomes to inform our faculty on how we can improve the way we deliver education to your child.

Our examinations are specifically designed to perform accurate and personalised assessments of each student’s progress and ability to assimilate the material they are presented throughout the year. The Boost Education mock exams holds the following benefits for learners:

Teaches Them to Cope with Pressure

Mock exams are a great way to diffuse the tension, pressures and expectations that come with achieving good results. Even the most knowledgeable of students can hit the infamous blank come exam day. As a dry run, mock exams give students a level of familiarity in terms of what to expect during exams and be more relaxed within the given environment. This ensures that they are able to concentrate on the task at hand and not be frazzled by the entire process.

Helps to Master Examination and Revision Techniques

Beyond the testing environment, students need to have a solid command of the subjects they will be tested on. While revision of work covered throughout the year is a good way to solidify a student’s knowledge, nothing beats a close simulation of the actual examination process to prepare children for the way questions are structured and the time allotments they have to complete questions.

Recalling Content and Verifying One’s Knowledge

Common revision techniques such as re-reading key pieces of material are proven to be less effective than actual exam simulations. Revisions don’t force learners to think about problems differently and instead results in learning in parrot fashion. By taking part in mock exams, students approach questions from different angles, are forced to elaborate on answers and demonstrate practical knowledge around the subject at hand.

Helps to Spot Problem Areas

Mock exams also aid in highlighting certain areas that require further attention from learners and teachers. Once an area is identified, focus can be placed on it and learners can test their knowledge against exam questions to ensure they’ve mastered the given subject. This also serves to alleviate anxiety about a given area in which a learner may feel less confident.

Teaches Learners Not to Procrastinate

Research shows that over 80% of college students identify themselves as procrastinators. By their nature, school learners will typically leave homework, projects and exam prep down to the last minute, only to find themselves in difficulty come exam day. Mock exams help them to appreciate the breadth and depth of subjects and approach it with the correct preparatory measures to ensure success.

Helps Teachers to Become Better Educators

Mock exams aren’t only a litmus test for learners; they also assesses teachers’ ability to convey knowledge effectively. No teacher wants to discover that his/her learners are underperforming come test day. Mock exams help teachers understand how they can improve their teaching skills and uncover areas that require attention on their part. This is one of the core reasons Boost Education believes in the importance of mock exams – it helps to make us better educators.

Practice Makes Perfect

Learners who prepare themselves for examinations are well positioned to attain the best grades possible. Mock exams are an invaluable and proven preparatory measure to ensure the best outcomes for every test they sit through. Boost Education relies on mock examinations as a yardstick for the performance of both our learners and educators. With every exam revision, we use the data gathered to find areas that require greater focus and look to find ways of helping learners assimilate learning material more effectively.

Mock exams also provide parents with tangible insights to how their children are performing regarding each subject and we encourage parents to assist their children in preparing for each exam and discuss any areas of concern they may have. To learn more about how we help children across the UK achieve their academic best, contact us today.

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