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Boost Education Provides Industry-Leading Tuition To Children Aged 4 To 16

The Boost Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on the needs of our students and is thus geared to providing personalised educational support to all. Boost educators are highly trained and experienced in giving learners the support they need to address any obstacles in their learning paths and reach their educational goals.

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The Boost Education Story

Boost Education is the brainchild of a former public school teacher who saw the need in learners for personalised after school support. This was to be the start of the journey to opening the first Boost Education centre in Ilford in 2009.

Since its founding, Boost Education has become a household name in education and we’re very proud to say that we’re going strong thanks to a fantastic faculty and support from the communities we serve.

The level of individualised care and support learners receive at our centres is unarguably one of the reasons the Boost brand is flourishing and we intend to keep up the good work.

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Boost Education - Featherstone Primary

Western Road, Southall UB2 5JT

Another addition to our growing network of industry leading tuition centre’s is our second Southall centre conveniently hosted at Featherstone Primary with more days to choose from making it easier for parents within the Southall area.

Boost Education Tutors

Boost Education strives to bring each of our students education that is of the highest quality. Our tutors undergo Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and Training Programmes which ensure that every tutor is fully adapted to the Boost Education ethos.

All our centres are fully managed by a centre manager who not only teaches, but liaises with parents, tutors and other educators to give your child a comprehensive educational experience.

We welcome every chance to work with parents and other stakeholders in the sector to ensure our children receive only the best in education.


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Here’s What the Parents Have to Say…

Boost Education has undoubtedly helped my daughter to excel at school, and improved my son's results in a very short time period. The teaching quality is excellent and the atmosphere friendly and focussed. I would recommend Boost wholeheartedly as a great value for money education centre.

Fiona Anthony
Parent at Boost Education Ilford

I would strongly recommend parents to Join Boost. It's very child orientated and learning can be fun. My kids tutor is very friendly, patient and approachable and my kids are very comfortable with her. My younger son says he prefers going to Boost rather than School

Nasima Rahman
Parent at Boost Education Stratford

I was interested in enrolling my daughter to the maths GCSE programme since I felt she was capable of studying this at an earlier age. The tutors and the additional resources have really helped her. The rewards scheme has also motivated both my kids and I love the structure of the programme where they are assessed every month.

Patricia Farmhouse
Parent at Boost Education Stratford

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