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Boost Education provides industry-leading tuition to children aged 4 To 16 with centres located in Ilford, Stratford, Ealing & Southall.

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About Boost Education's Maths Tuition

The central importance Mathematics plays across a plethora of industries, professions and disciplines is undeniable. That’s why Boost Education places such a big focus on helping students master it from an early age. If your child is struggling to keep up with basic mathematical concepts, or is a star student in need of auxiliary support, he or she will benefit greatly from our highly personalised tutoring services. At Boost we provide learner centric tuition services for Mathematics from as early as Y1 all the way to Y11. Our highly skilled and experienced educators know just how to remove the anxiety many kids feel when it comes to this challenging subject. Our approach is to allow your child to learn and discover the joys of problem solving in a way that suits him or her best.

Tasks and Learning Approach

Tutors will spend the first part of every lesson going through homework to see if students have fully understood the mathematical theories and practises taught in class. Once satisfied, they will move on to the next topic and introduce new concepts in a way that makes the learning curve easy to navigate.

Students are encouraged to explore the world of numbers, equations and calculations in a relaxed environment where they are supported and taught to learn without fear of making mistakes. Students who aren’t fully confident about previous lessons will receive additional support from tutors who will walk them through theory and practice to address problem areas. Parents will be happy to know that Boost Education follows Edexcel, AQA and OCR exam boards.

Featherstone Primary

Boost Education Ilford Centre

461B High Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 1TX

Our Ilford branch was the Boost maiden centre to launch in 2009. The centre is conveniently situated in High Road for easy access to transport and other amenities. The centre has been a learning experience for Boost Education in that it allowed us to realise the demand for quality after school tuition and understand how we could develop our program to the needs of our communities.

Boost Education Stratford Centre

University Of East London, Water Lane, Stratford, London, E15 4LZ

Our tuition centre in Stratford is located in the newly refurbished University of East London Stratford campus. With state of the art facilities and open plan classrooms, you can be rest assured your child is being tutored in a truly remarkable educational environment

Boost Education Ealing Centre

University Of West London, St Mary’s Road, Ealing W5 5RF

Another newly developed campus with modern facilities to improve students’ learning, our tuition centre located inside the University of West London offers a second to none learning experience. With state of the art facilities and open plan classrooms, you can be rest assured your child is being tutored in a truly remarkable educational environment

Boost Education Southall Centre

Dominion Centre & Library 112 The Green, Southall UB2 4BQ

Our tuition centres in Southall are located at Dominion Centre and Featherstone Primary School. We’re excited to see our number of centres grow in the area to extend our reach to more students. Parents and students are encouraged to come and meet our tutors at a centre nearest to you.


Boost Education Slough Centre

The Curve - William Street, Slough, SL1 1XY

Our tuition centre in Slough ads to our growing network of centres covering London. Come in and experience the Boost Education difference first hand. We’re conveniently located at The Curve and encourage parents to come and meet our tutors and discuss your specific requirements relating to your child’s learning needs. See you soon!

Boost Education - Featherstone Primary

Western Road, Southall UB2 5JT

Another addition to our growing network of industry leading tuition centre’s is our second Southall centre conveniently hosted at Featherstone Primary with more days to choose from making it easier for parents within the Southall area.

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What do students between Y1 – Y6 learn?

Y1 – Y6 learners will be introduced to number and place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, measurement, shapes and statistics. They will also be expected to master more complex reading, writing, ordering and comparison of numbers.

Calculating intervals, long multiplication/division using four and two digit numbers will also be introduced. Children will be expected to identify common factors, multiples, prime numbers and solve more complex problems as they progress along the path from Y1 – Y6.

Other disciplines covered through Y1 – Y6 include:

  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Comparing, simplifying and ordering fractions
  • Adding/subtracting/multiplication/division of fractions
  • Ratios, proportions and percentages
  • Basic Algebra, Geometry, statistics and formulae

Y7 – Y11 Learners

From Y7-11, students cover topics from the Mathematics curriculum through the recommended textbooks for their specific exam boards. They will build on the fundamentals taught throughout Y1 – Y6 and expand their understanding of this highly abstract yet immersive subject matter.

Membership Pricing

Take advantage of our great packages below and see what option suits you best!

1 Subject Per Week
Experienced Tutors
4 Students Per Tutor
Classes Set In Ability
Mock Examinations
2 Subjects Per Week
Experienced Tutors
4 Students Per Tutor
Classes Set In Ability
Mock Examinations
3 Subjects Per Week
Experienced Tutors
4 Students Per Tutor
Classes Set In Ability
Mock Examinations

All prices also include a formal mock examination at the end of each month. Each subject is hour long. A 10% sibling discount is also available on all packages. Refer friends and receive even more discounts on your monthly package!

Let Boost help your child master Mathematics

At Boost Education, our mission is to help every child achieve his or her level best through supportive and holistic education. Our approach is to encourage independent inquiry by children and support them as they explore their world in their unique and individual way. This is why one-on-one time with our tutors is so important. We ensure that every learner is afforded the opportunity to express themselves and ask questions without fear of ridicule. This philosophy has proven itself year after year and we’re constantly evolving our approach to education to suit the needs of the children who come through our doors.

Here’s What the Parents Have to Say…

Boost Education has undoubtedly helped my daughter to excel at school, and improved my son's results in a very short time period. The teaching quality is excellent and the atmosphere friendly and focussed. I would recommend Boost wholeheartedly as a great value for money education centre.

Fiona Anthony
Parent at Boost Education Ilford

I would strongly recommend parents to Join Boost. It's very child orientated and learning can be fun. My kids tutor is very friendly, patient and approachable and my kids are very comfortable with her. My younger son says he prefers going to Boost rather than School

Nasima Rahman
Parent at Boost Education Stratford

I was interested in enrolling my daughter to the maths GCSE programme since I felt she was capable of studying this at an earlier age. The tutors and the additional resources have really helped her. The rewards scheme has also motivated both my kids and I love the structure of the programme where they are assessed every month.

Patricia Farmhouse
Parent at Boost Education Stratford

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