Introduction to Boost Education's Privacy Policy

Boost Education, a registered company in England and Wales under Boost Education Ltd, has its registered office located at 843 Finchley Road, London, United Kingdom, NW11 8NA. We are officially registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a data controller, holding the registration number ZA564045.

Our Privacy Aims
Boost Education prioritises clarity in the collection and use of personal data from students and their guardians. This policy is a testament to our commitment to safeguarding personal information and detailing the rights and responsibilities related to this data.

Our commitments are:

  • To handle personal data only when there’s a legitimate organisational need.
  • To gather just the essential data without overreach.
  • To be transparent about how and why we use individual data.
  • To process data that is directly related to our purposes.
  • To ensure the lawful and fair treatment of personal data.
  • To keep a documented list of personal data categories processed by us.
  • To maintain the accuracy of the data and keep it updated.
  • To store personal data only as long as required due to legal, organisational, or regulatory purposes.
  • To honour rights related to personal data, including the right to access.
  • To prioritise data security at all levels.
  • Our Position Under GDPR
  • Boost Education operates as both a Data Controller and Data Processor in alignment with the GDPR.

Senior roles within Boost Education, supported by the management, are responsible for cultivating best data management practices.

We have a designated Data Privacy Manager who supervises the management of personal data within our organisation and ensures adherence to regulations. Any inquiries about our privacy practices or data management can be addressed to this manager.

All team members at Boost Education who handle personal data are bound by data protection principles.

Data We Manage
As an educational provider, Boost Education manages personal data crucial to our operations. This data is exclusively for ensuring quality tuition and safety.

Depending on if you’re a Boost Education centre client or receive tuition through a school, the specifics of the data we hold might differ:

For Boost Education Centre & Online Tuition Clients:
When expressing interest in Boost Education and scheduling a complimentary assessment, we capture:

  • Your full name
  • Email for confirmation purposes
  • Contact details for confirmatory messages
  • Information about the child: name, age, school, and reasons for seeking tuition
  • After enrolment, additional data is collected:

Parent/Guardian information: name, email, address, and contact numbers
Payment credentials: Direct Debit and card details
Emergency contact specifics
Child information: name, age, birth date, school, medical history, and special needs
Always keep us informed of any modifications in these details.

Purpose of Data Usage
The primary purpose of this data is to fulfil contracts and meet legal stipulations. Occasionally, we might utilise the data for legitimate interests, ensuring it doesn’t violate any of your basic rights. The data is used in situations such as:

  • Enhancing and delivering tuition services
  • Safeguarding students and offering pastoral care
  • Administrative, analytical, and planning tasks
  • Coordinating with external bodies for any complaints or inquiries
  • Seeking expert advice, insurance, and other essential services
  • Collaborating with pertinent authorities for safeguarding and monitoring
  • Sometimes, it’s imperative to process special category data, either due to legal requirements, safeguarding concerns, or given consent. Reasons might include:
  • Offering medical or pastoral care when required
  • Catering to specific educational needs
  • Anonymized data might be leveraged for research purposes and service improvements, ensuring no traceability to individuals.

For clients of Boost Education Centre and online tuition, the data could also be used for:

Marketing activities featuring your child’s images (with your prior approval)
Sharing anonymized data with trustworthy third-party entities for research, analysis, and marketing. Further details are available in our Cookie Policy. If you prefer to opt-out, please email: admin@boosteducation.co.uk.

Who Will Access Your Personal Details?

Primarily, Boost Education keeps personal details internally, ensuring access only to designated individuals based on necessity.

However, there are instances where Boost Education may disclose details of students and parents to external entities such as:

Consultants including legal advisors, PR experts, insurance representatives, and accountants.
Official agencies like the DfE, CAFCASS, law enforcement, Home Office, relevant healthcare/NHS units, and regulatory bodies.
Your data resides on multiple platforms. Each of these platforms has protective measures comparable to those at Boost Education.

For those signing up for an 11+ course, we may share your name and residence details with our partner printing firm for dispatching course materials via Royal Mail or courier services.

We might also collaborate with third-party service providers (e.g., tech support or hosting services). We make sure they’re compliant with necessary data protection measures.

If there’s a business merger or asset transfer, the new entity will maintain adherence to this Privacy Statement.

Sensitive Data Access

“Special category” data, such as medical records and safeguarding details, are subject to stricter access protocols:

Medical Details: We manage such data to fulfil our obligations and ensure member safety, with only a select group having access. We’ll obtain explicit permission where necessary.

Information related to any member with special educational needs will be given to the necessary staff to provide proper care and instruction.

Data Retention Period

Boost Education holds onto personal data for the time essential due to legitimate or legal requirements.

Once your membership concludes, we store your information securely. This data is kept for a duration between 2 to 3 years post-membership, aligning with safeguarding guidelines.

Records of accidents/incidents and medication logs are stored indefinitely, similar to attendance logs.

For queries or deletion requests about our data retention practices, please reach out to our data privacy manager. However, there might be legal grounds to preserve specific data.

Some details are archived for historical reasons. If you opt out of further communications, we’ll maintain a “no-contact record” to honour this.

Principles of Data Protection

Boost Education stands by the GDPR principles, ensuring:

Ethical, transparent, and clear data processing.
Specific, clear, and valid purposes for data collection.
Collecting only necessary and related data.
Maintaining updated and accurate information.
Limited storage of identifiable details.
Protecting the data from unauthorised access.
Restricting data transfer outside the EU, unless the recipient country offers substantial data protection.
Accountability & Compliance

Beyond merely complying with GDPR, Boost Education is committed to showcasing its alignment with GDPR mandates for every data handling activity.

Rights of Members

Members can exercise a variety of rights pertaining to their data, like accessing, rectifying, and objecting to certain processing methods. Complaints related to GDPR breaches can be directed to the ICO.

Right to Erasure

To invoke your right to erasure, contact admin@boosteducation.co.uk. However, some details must be kept for 2 years after membership concludes for regulatory reasons.

Post 3 years, the data is archived and made anonymous.

Addressing Concerns

Should you have concerns regarding the handling of personal details, reach out to admin@boosteducation.co.uk. Complaints can also be filed with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Understanding Consent

Boost Education defines ‘consent’ as a freely given, clear, and definite agreement to data processing activities. This consent can be recalled anytime.

Data Safeguarding

All staff at Boost Education are tasked with ensuring data remains protected and inaccessible to unauthorised entities. This involves multiple safeguards like screen protections, secure storage of physical records, and methodical data elimination.

Rights to Access Your Data

Individuals can request their personal information, whether digital or physical. To acquire your data stored by Boost Education, please email admin@boosteducation.co.uk.

Cookies: An Overview

What Exactly Are Cookies?
Cookies are tiny data files that get saved onto your device (like PCs, smartphones, tablets) when you browse a website. When you access boosteducation.co.uk, cookies help us automatically gather information, recognising and recalling your activity.

Our Purpose of Using Cookies:
We employ cookies for multiple objectives:

Gauging your interaction with our website.
Reviewing our communication effectiveness.
Collaborating with external partners to display pertinent ads on other platforms.
Kinds of Cookies We Deploy:
Primarily, we use three types that need your approval:

Operational Cookies – Facilitate site navigation and feature accessibility.
Analytics Cookies – These cookies help us to assess and understand how visitors utilise our site, which guides us in enhancing both site functions and user experience.
Promotional Cookies – These aim to showcase relevant ads to you and evaluate the success of our promotional endeavours.
Configuring Cookie Preferences:
You have the flexibility to modify your browser’s cookie configurations. Typically, you’ll find these adjustments under the ‘settings’, ‘tools’, or ‘preferences’ sections of your browser.

For an extensive understanding, please refer to our detailed cookie policy on our website.

Policy Refreshes:
We routinely examine and refine this policy, reflecting any changes on the Boost Education website. Hence, it’s recommended to regularly check our website for the latest updates.

Reach Out To Us:
For any inquiries or feedback related to this Privacy Policy, don’t hesitate to email us at admin@boosteducation.co.uk.