Celebrating 15+ Years of Educational Impact

Celebrating 15+ Years of Educational Impact

Celebrating 15+ Years of Educational Impact

Celebrating 15+ Years of Educational Impact

Celebrating 15+ Years of Educational Impact

Celebrating 15+ Years of Educational Impact

Celebrating 15+ Years of Educational Impact

Boost Education Is Proud To Announce The Opening Of Our Ealing And Southall Centres

The opening of our latest centres at Ealing and Southall is another milestone in the Boost Education journey. We are are very pleased to be sharing the news with parents and learners as we’ve earmarked Ealing and Southall as ideal areas for expanding our offering.

Thanks to the continued feedback and support we receive from parents and learners, the Ealing and Southall centres will provide the same quality services, with committed educators who will work tirelessly to give your children the educational support they need to succeed.

We searched high and low for the most ideal locations and are happy to inform parents that the centres are equipped with everything required to make the learning experience as engaging and nurturing as possible.

So why Ealing and Southall?

Simply put, we couldn’t ignore the need for quality tuition services in the mentioned areas. The new centres cater to a serious need for tuition services from learners and complement the Ilford and Stratford facilities that have been running for years. Further, the locations are strategically selected to create a network of Boost Education facilities across the London area.

This means centres are more accessible and parents don’t need to travel far distances on a daily basis. Each centre will be overseen by centre managers who will ensure that learners receive the attention and care they need. Please feel free to reach out to them to discuss the facilities and what you can expect from us.  

What you can expect from our new centres?

As is the case with all Boost Education centres, every class will have a maximum of four learners each for individualised attention. We also engaged local schools to understand the needs of the community and developed learning material accordingly. Our Boost centres will continue to engage surrounding schools to ensure that there is continuity in learners’ education paths.

Further, the new centres will offer students with special educational needs (SEN) the opportunity to learn in their unique way and in an environment that nurtures them along their individual paths. We offer feedback each week on your child’s progress and also encourage parents to get involved in their children’s education. Our educators are equipped with the people and educational skills to accommodate uniquely gifted learners also.

What this means is that children who possess a special gift or talent are provided with the support to they need to nurture their potential into potency. The environment we create allows gifted learners to develop without pressure from fellow students to conform.

Boost Education centres are developed to support our schools and educators

After school tuition is a vital part of education for learners who don’t get the personalised attention they need. Many students fall through the cracks of our school system, which is under constant pressure to meet high student pass rates. Due to no fault of their own, teachers do their best to help children succeed, however, it is impossible to take the time to cater to the needs of every learner.

We often hear from frustrated and overworked teachers who feel hamstrung in their attempts to effectively support struggling learners. While not for a lack of trying, teachers grapple with the balancing act of giving extra care to struggling learners while simultaneously taking care of the rest of the students. And that’s where we come in, because our approach is to make education as personalised and nurturing as we possibly can.

The Boost Education curriculum is designed to complement student learning paths and our methodology ensures that kids return to school better equipped to continue learning. Both our Southall and Ealing centres are Ofsted registered, which means that parents can take advantage of the various vouchers and tax credits available when enrolling their children. You can also take advantage of our referral and sibling discounts and free monthly mock exams and a host of other value added services at all of our centres.

A big thank you to all our committed parents, learners and educators

We invite parents and learners to visit their nearest centre to come and see what Boost Education can offer their children. Our growth since opening our first centre in 2009 has been absolutely phenomenal, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of the dedicated parents and learner. With this said, we would like to thank each and every parent, learner and educator who have played a role in our story thus far. Without your support, our growth Boost Education would not be what it is today.

Also, we’ve learned so much from our engagement with teachers and schools in the areas we serve and would like to thank all the educators for their time, commitment and openness. While our education system has undergone its fair share of challenges and changes over the last few years, we know it’s through steady leadership that our children get access to one of the best education systems in the world.

If you have any questions about our new centres and what you can expect from our educators, please do not hesitate to contact us. We plan to expand our range of centres as the demand for quality after school tuition grows and encourage your support and involvement in our growth.

Our Locations

Boost Education Ilford Centre

461B High Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 1TX

Boost Education Stratford Centre

3 Forest Lane, Stratford, E15 1HA

Boost Education Walthamstow Centre

436 – 440 Forest Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 4PY

Boost Education Southall Centre

First Floor, Dominion Centre & Library 112 The Green, Southall UB2 4BQ

Boost Education Slough Centre

The Curve – William Street, Slough, SL1 1XY

Boost Education Ealing Centre

University Of West London, St Mary’s Road, Ealing W5 5RF

Boost Education Walsall Centre

Unit 2, 11, Wisemore, Walsall, Ws2 8ez

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